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Hey beautiful souls, welcome to another episode of the Limitless Life Podcast


This episode is all about what to do when you feel like you’re having a really hard time. When there is something that feels insurmountable in your life.


See I KNOW you can do this thing. Even if you don’t believe it yet, listen in and you’ll see what I mean. Because  you absolutely CAN do hard things.


So dive in and, remember Faith and Action = Miracles




  • [01:50] One powerful sentence
  • [03:54] Reflect on your past experiences




  • “Your mind is playing that game of ‘you’re not capable’, I want to call bullshit on that story.”
  • “Do you applaud that version of you that had the capacity to get through it?”
  • “You can choose to keep expanding and evolving and moving into the energy of thriving.”





You can read the transcript here.


Faith + Action = Miracles

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