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You can do hard things

How often, beautiful one, do you come up against something really hard? The kind of thing which makes you start to doubt yourself. Which makes your mind start to play its bullshit games, start whispering “YOU? You sure? You think so?”


It’s scary. And it’s overwhelming. I feel it too some days. I also believe that every single day I get to live into and move closer to the person I am supposed to be. I don’t think I’m there yet, and that’s ok too. “There” isn’t a destination, it  really isn’t


Every day that YOU consciously choose and every day that YOU consciously intend, you get to expand into the person that you desire to be too. 


And as much as that is all about looking forward and stepping into who you need to be to become the version of you you’re supposed to be I want to take a moment and ask you to look back. 


How Do I Know?

See, I know you can do whatever it is that you’re having a hard time with right now. And the reason I know is that you have done it before. At some point in your life you have done something which at the time felt im-possi-bloody-ble. You, for sure, will have kicked and screamed and pushed against it. 


What I want you to do now is just go back and visit that version of you. The one without the knowledge and wisdom you have now. The one without the tools you currently have. Whichever version of you that was, did a pretty amazing job. I want you to really go back and feel into what it felt like in the hours, days or weeks after that thing. Immerse yourself in those feelings, whether it was elation, relief, a sense of achievement or a massive F YOU to whatever it is you overcame. 


Now Do This

Now applaud that version of you. Applaud that version who JFDI. Who had the capacity, the tenacity to just do it anyway. 


And you know what, beautiful, you may not feel like you’re thriving right now in this very moment. Even thinking about it might make you feel a touch emosh but here is what I know 


You can and will thrive. Because you can choose to keep expanding and evolving and moving into the energy of thriving. You can have that feeling of thriving again.


Remember Faith + Action = Miracles

All the love,


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