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3 step process to stop holding yourself back…

…and finally do that thing you’ve been putting off


I know I talk a lot about how we each have huge goals to make more impact and income in the world, and I know that I often speak into how a lot of the time, we’re actually personally responsible for holding ourselves back and not doing allofthethings that say we want to do.


We have our vision, our missions, and sure – we take small steps to work towards them every day. But we also have large goals related to them that for one reason or another we just ‘haven’t got round to yet’. For me, for example, my podcast was one of those things. My next book is another.


We create excuses for ourselves, which range from blaming someone else, to not having enough time just yet… but the truth is there is always enough time. We make time for the things we truly want to do. But we hold of doing some things out of fear. Fear of finally being seen and heard, fear of failure… you name it.


So without unpacking this in too much detail, I just wanted to let you in on a 3 step process I created to help you overcome the obstacles that you have made for yourself and finally, finally DO THE THING.


Here goes:


  • Be real with yourself


First up, you have to be honest with yourself. You have to dig deep to find where you’re holding yourself back and why. When it comes to setting your goals consider, are you setting them from a place of fierce empowerment or are you choosing to set your goals, your intentions, your targets based on fear? Are you setting your goals based on what other people think is possible for you, rather than what you choose to know is possible for yourself? How are you choosing to price your services? Is it in alignment with what you really desire? Have you asked people for the sale today? Once you know where you’re holding yourself back, you will be able to take the first step forward.


  • Simplify


Ask yourself exactly why you are not doing these things. No excuses. And then I want you to ask yourself, are these things truly important to you? And if they are, I want you to choose the three most important things that you have been avoiding and write them down. Then, simply further by choosing which one you will tackle first. All you have to do is commit to making one thing happen, and take it from there.


  • Make the commitment


Then I’d like you to really, wholeheartedly and PUBLICLY commit to achieving this thing, because once it’s out there you’ll feel so much more compelled to get on with it. I invite you to leave me your declaration on iTunes after listening to Episode 52 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast where I talk about this some more.


I want you to tell me what it is that you are going to do. And I want you to tell me when you’re going to do it. And then every quarter, my team and I will go back to this episode and pick one person to feature on the podcast, so we can give you and your commitment some airtime. How amazing does that sound?!


I’ve also decided that I’m going to practice what I preach and take my own advice by writing my book this year. I will be living proof that once you set your mind to it, you CAN achieve the thing. 


All the love,




Faith + Action = Miracles

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