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Something I’ve noticed recently is that whether we’ve been aware of it or not – we have had to get used to a slower pace of life. Our normal daily routines and ways of working have been disrupted due to lockdown, and we’ve had to adjust and find coping mechanisms to help us get through. But I also know that things aren’t going ‘back to normal’, we have to create our new normal – that’s for another episode.


This episode is all about how to get back in the zone when you feel frazzled – which is something that could come up when you finally get back to ‘normality’, or if you’re dealing with homeschooling your kids.


I’ve got 3 simple tips that help me and I hope will help you too. Let’s dive in!



  • Stop everything {6:52}
  • 3 minute meditation {7:35}
  • Write down what’s next {9:13}
  • An observation of the times {11:56}



  • “If you’re feeling frazzled. You know that what you are doing is not coming from your highest place, you know that you’re doing everything badly. The first thing you need to do is stop.”
  • “You have to get really intentional now about what it is that you are stepping into, post Covid, post lockdown.”


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