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The real reason you’re not smashing your goals

How to get the results you want – fast


Today we’re going to unpack the real reason you’re not smashing your goals. Now I’m going to jump straight in and give you the answer right away… the reason, my friend, is you. 


That’s right – the thing stopping you from getting further along in your professional life is YOU. Bad news. Or is it? I don’t think so. 


Think about it like this… if you’re the only thing standing in the way of you being where you are now – A, and where you want to be – B, then it means you’re perfectly capable of taking control and driving your business full steam ahead to the next destination.


And lucky for you, I’m about to let you in on a few ways in which you can get the results you desire, and fast. Yep – if you follow my lead and make these simple tweaks to the way you manage your business you’ll arrive at B and be looking to make it to C, D, and E in no time.


Sound good? Let me show you how:


  1. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.


It’s simples. I think a lot of the time when you have your heart and soul invested in your business, it can be easy to overcomplicate things. Often we forget to notice the patterns repeating themselves. But if you take a step back you’ll probably realise that the roadblocks that arise are things you have had to deal with before, just in a different guise. Whenever you find yourself going round, and round, and round in circles dealing with the same (or similar) problem, having the same headache – I want you to stop. I want you to breathe, and I want you to ask yourself, ‘how can I make this more simple?’, ‘How can I make this as easy as possible for me?’. That’s the route you want to take.


  1. Ask and you will receive


You heard me right… Ask. For. The. Sale. Now I get that this can feel uncomfortable. I do. So many of my clients are scared to ask for the investment in their products and services for fear of seeming brash or bold. If fact, I’m not gonna lie – I’ve struggled with myself in the past. But think about it. You’re a business owner, a salesperson. You have goods and/or services to sell that you know are worthy of the exchange you are offering them for. You’re presenting your dream clients with an opportunity for transformation that is going to be extremely valuable to them – life changing even! So why the guilt? Sales doesn’t have to be shameful. So get out there and sell, baby!


  1. Be consistent


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – because I’m consistent like that. Honestly though, lovely – this really is key to you and your business advancing. And I am speaking from experience here. I’ve been consistently showing up almost daily on at least one platform for six years. That has without a doubt been one of the biggest catalysts in allowing me to make the impact I’m able to now. And interestingly, this is as much about the effect on you as it is your potential clients. Yes – you want to be putting yourself out there every day, reminding them of your message and what you can do for them. But the truth is, being consistent daily and making that commitment to your vision and your mission will contribute to your own personal determination and self worth. Show up in some way or another. Every. Single. Day.


And that’s it, my loves!


FYI – you might want to listen to The Limitless Life Experience Podcast episode if you haven’t already, where I talk you through this topic in more detail.


Please do let me know if you relate to this – just drop me a DM. And I promise, once you realise where you’re holding yourself back, there’s no stopping you.


Go get em!


All the love,




Faith + Action = Miracles

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