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3 ways to step up into your expansion…

…and welcome abundance in all areas


Okay, so here’s the thing:


We all want more from life, right? As much as we can be happy with where we’re at, and grateful for what we’ve got, I think you’d be hard pushed to find a person who didn’t want more.


And because you’re reading my blog, I know you have bigger dreams than most. I know you want to live a fulfilled life full of purpose and meaning. I also know that there will be times when you hold yourself back.


Maybe you feel that moving forward doesn’t really honour your current situation. 


Maybe you don’t want to feel like you’re being ungrateful for all of the magnificent things you already have in your world. 


Maybe you’re worried about what other people will think once you actually step into your fullest expression. Because for some reason, in our culture we have made earning a high income synonymous with ill intention and bad behaviour.


But listen to me… it is impossible for a person to become an energetic match to their next level of expansion if they are worried that wanting the new thing is not honoring where they are.


If you want to achieve your dreams – you first have to accept them. I want you to be able to step into the highest vision that you have for yourself, so here’s three ways to help you get out of your own way:


  • Evolution is natural


My first tip is to remember that evolution and expansion are our natural state. When you look at the laws of nature, when you take a look outside your house right now, if you are living in a green area, or you just go to the park… consider who puts the confines on nature? Humans do. We put a fence up, we put the trellis up, we do the pruning. But if we just allowed nature to get on and do its thing, the tree continues to grow and the tree will take over anything and everything in its sites, without question, the grass continues to grow. Nature does not limit itself. So remember that part of being human is evolution and growth.


  • Flip the script


Next you need to change the story that abundance is wrong. I object to the story that at some level, when a person accumulates wealth, they must be doing that in a way that is detrimental to other human beings. That is a story that permeates cultures across the globe and stops people from desiring more, depending on where you’ve grown up, what your parents did and what they believed in. That story becomes deeply entrenched within you and it’s your job to let it go.


  • Stop holding yourself back


Finally, you need to take a fine tooth comb and identify the areas in your life where you are holding yourself back. The areas in which you’re stopping yourself from stepping up, and then get out of your own damn way!


If this has got you thinking and you’d like to hear more on this topic, I want to direct you to Episode 52 of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast.


And why not drop me a message in the DMs on Instagram – let me know what you think about this. I love hearing from you.


All the love, as always,




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