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How to heal your money story and allow abundance into your life

What if I told you that one of the people blocking you from receiving more money in your business was you?


It’s true.


As business owners, we all desire to have a higher income as we make a bigger impact on the world, but for some reason we carry guilt and shame when it comes to accepting that sort of abundance into our lives.


I’m here to tell you that this is wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more - really, nothing.


And so I want you to be able to view money as neutral. Not good, not bad, just neutral. The meaning that we ascribe to money is the issue that all of us have when it comes to our relationship with cash.


Individually, the reasoning behind these limiting beliefs is different, so my help will only get you so far. Personally, some of the beliefs that I used to have around money were that 1. money is not for me, and 2. you do not need money to be happy. The second one is true of course, but the way in which that manifested itself for me was that I repelled any opportunity to receive more money. 


Then as I started my entrepreneurial journey, what I found was that I was actually quite good at receiving money. But my internal story was that money wasn't safe for me to keep it. And so it would come in, and then it would cope out in a million different ways… coaching, stuff for the kids, repairs on the car… you name it.


But as I said, this is a deeply personal thing, and only you can overcome YOUR stories. The real transformation comes when you are able to unpack your own stories and rewrite the script. It takes intention and attention.


So how do you do that, exactly?


  • Acknowledge the relationship 


First, you have to go back and look at all of these significant times in your life where you learnt things about money. Think about yourself ages 0-10, and onwards up to 20. For me, I learned that you have to work really, really hard to earn money and it can be taken away at any moment. So my dad worked as a manager in the sorting office at the post office, and when he worked in that job, it felt like we had quite an abundant life. And then he lost that job. And we moved from our three bedroom terrace house to a two bedroom bungalow with a small garden. I saw my parents compromise on the things they wanted for themselves and their children… they would buy broken biscuits that were cheaper for example, and we were taught to always be really grateful for them. And if you weren’t grateful you were being disrespectful to the people who were working really hard to feed you. So that was my story, money is really difficult to get, and you should be happy with whatever you get, as long as it is just enough. Anything more than that is greedy.


It’s really super useful to write down every single incident you can think of. And then what I advise you to do is write a letter to yourself and neutralise the incidents with forgiveness and love. Forgive yourself, forgive your parents. You can write things like ‘I forgive you for teaching me this. It's safe for me to let that go’. Tell yourself it is safe for you to release the story and do this again, and again, and again.


  • Rewrite your current money story


The next thing is to look at the way that you are treating money today. Maybe you’re constantly in lack and feeling like even when money comes in, it’s never enough. You have to break this cycle and stop engaging with money in the way you currently do. So if you’re telling yourself it’s never enough, you’re telling the universe that you’re not a vibrational match for receiving the sort of money you want to have… because it will NEVER be enough.


A good thing to do here is to personify your money. How are you engaging with your money? Are you sharing your hopes and dreams with your money? Are you checking in every day and saying, how are you? Are you practicing gratitude for you money, or are you constantly telling it it’s not enough? AND - are you doing this every day, not just on payday? Your job right now is to start building the relationship. The more that you show up in this partnership, the more money is going to show up for you. And this really, really works. Give yourself permission to track your money on a daily basis, even when there is zero coming in. And on the days where zero comes in, consider what else you have to be grateful for that day. The more days that you are able to find appreciation and abundance in all the areas of your life, by bringing love and focus to what it is that you ARE receiving, the more you will continue to receive.


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Sound good?


I’d love to hear what you think on this, and what stories you have been selling yourself and blocking the flow of money and abundance.


Drop me a message and let me know, and best of luck with this work, my loves.


All the love,



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