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  • 04:55 If you are somebody who resonates with me if you are somebody that considers them sells to be a little bit of a wild card, that irresponsible to everybody else decision could be the best decision of your life
  • 09:41 When you’re asking for that next level of expansion and you are ready to act in alignment with the next level of expansion, you are stacking the odds in your favour that the next level of expansion is there
  • 11:27 Be a vibrational match for the next level. It’s going to involve you claiming it, it won’t just happen by accident –  it is going to involve you feeling a level of discomfort and really learning how to be with the discomfort
  •  “Logical linear thinking creates logical and linear results”
  • ” It’s in the risk that the identity shift and the identity upgrade happens”
  • ” It will surprise you how many people are happy with the plateau”

5 Signs you’re ready for a Quantum Leap

How do you even know if you are ready for a quantum shift, or a quantum leap is just around the corner?

I was speaking with one of my clients, and when she shared with me what was going on, I recognised that she was on the precipice of her  next level of greatness.  That there was a shift happening at that moment.

And that gets to be wildly exciting. Or you can hold on for dear life thinking, wow, what the heck is happening here and slow everything down. So I want to share with you these five points.

And if you recognise yourself in any of the points, you’re in a good place, chill the heck out and just buckle up, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Listen in and find out which points match where you are, right now

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