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  • 06:01 But this is grounded in both the physiological and the neurological as well as the energetic systems and being able to break down those templates in a way that makes sense for the brain.
  • 06:52 from a business coaching perspective moving forward, I will only really be working with people from a mastermind and a one to one level.
  • 07:58 this awareness of what is going on really comes from understanding that change gets to be safe, it gets to be okay, and what happens when you feel change and knocking.
  • “I want to be able to teach people why what I say works, both the art and the science of it”
  • “It’s exciting. And it’s scary. And it’s perfect.”
  • “Should you decide to want to come and play with us are able to coach and support yourself –  yourself first, always yourself”

The Infinite Receiving Coaching Certification Journey (Part 1)

I am sharing with you today a little bit of a behind the scenes. Because once again, there are huge huge shifts happening in my business. And actually it doesn’t escape me that it’s 10 years this year, since I had my first business idea that was legal.

For me this is quite profound. And it doesn’t feel weird, it feels right and proper, that an old cycle has been complete and now we are moving into this new cycle a decade later. And what is blowing me away are the synchronicities and similarities that I see as I step back to look

My first business, The Calm Birth School was first of all, working with parents. And then it was taking my method and sharing that with other people so that they could teach my method.

And when I launched Infinite Receiving it was this is my method for creating a life that blows me away beyond my imagination every single day. And I want to share this with you, the client, the end user

And now where the shift is coming and where the full circle is happening is that I want to be able to teach people why what it is that I say works, both the art and the science.

Listen in for more info on the most exciting and significant change in my business for YEARS

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