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  • 02:33 Where are the black people on TV? You know, how come? How come there’s no one who looks like me. Growing up, that was my age. So to centre to actually be there and to be on Top of the Pops. And in those places. It felt so good. That I don’t know if I felt fierce. But I just felt so alive. So excited to be there.
  • 14:35 my desire is to create a legacy that touches people who will never ever know my name. And that is what you have done because you were a permission slip
  • 43:55 if everybody knew that they were a conduit and a generator of infinite love. You know, if everybody knew that they were fully supported at all times. Yeah.And godless would glide? Yeah, yes.And that from that place that we can create and receive anything really
  • Sinitta: “Kylie was actually a white Sinitta”
  • Suzy: “often we’re looking to be met but if you can’t meet yourself, how can you guide somebody?”
  • Sinitta: “Do you know what I just love? Life”

A Conversation with Sinitta

Oh my flipping word it is here! I am so super excited to share this episode of the Infinite Receiving podcast with you which was recorded LIVE at Quantum Shift.

Being in conversation with Sinitta, a woman who trailblazed for me, was a simply magical experience.

Expect us to go deep on everything from parenting, to sex after 40 (spoiler alert, it really is all that and a bag of chips), religion vs spirituality, divorce and fame.

I can’t wait for you to dive in!

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