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  • 06:30 We have to stop this thinking of wealthy people are bad, wealthy people are negative, wealthy people are ruining the planet. So therefore, being wealthy isn’t for me
  • 08:11 The third thing that I know shows up for so many people, is frequently we’re only looking at wealth being money, and for especially women, frequently, our relationship with money is fucked up.
  • 10:26 Helping you to receive more is absolutely at the core of everything that we do as a company.
  • “You have to give yourself permission to want more, to receive more and create more.”
  • “I think that abundance is our birthright”
  • “What I really care about is us creating wealth in a highly conscious way”

Why Aren’t You More Wealthy?

I’m feeling fired up this week!. I’m feeling fired up to bring you this episode. The title of this podcast is why aren’t you more wealthy? And this is not a rhetorical question. I am genuinely curious

What is the thing that comes up for you when you hear this question?

I was asking myself the same one recently – tune in to find out why and what I frequently find the answer to be.

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