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Allow your big vision to be your compass

It’s easy to get stuck in the mundane and forget the bigger, more powerful you that is capable of creating your destiny and impacting the world in the way you want to.

This is exactly why I wanted to jump on Facebook Live to invite you to remember what your big vision is, every single day, so you can make it a reality.


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Remember every day what your big vision is 

If you find yourself getting stuck in a rut, trying to get the next client, keep the house clean and get through your to-do list, start tapping into your big vision with these questions:

What is your big vision?

Why are you here?

What do you need to believe to make your big vision happen?

Who do you need to be?

How do you need to show up?

Knowing the answers to these questions is going to impact how you show up online, how you interact with people, how you determine what you should be focusing your attention on and what you should be letting go of.


Embody your big vision – now 

When you live your life from a place of embodying the big vision, you show up differently – and you pull in the things that you want so much more quickly.

Identify what the dream is – then start living into that dream now. Start acting from a place of power today, don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t wait for a week, don’t wait for six months, start acting from that place now, and things will change.


Make it public 

It’s really important to share your big vision with the people who get it. The moment you start talking about it and writing it out, you are pulling it into existence.

I’ll start…

My big vision to donate ten million pounds over the next ten years to my charitable causes. I want to help people working with the next generation of leaders, with developing countries (like my chosen charity at the moment, Love Support Unite) and organisations investing in clean technology. I want to leave a better world behind for our kids and their kids.

So I challenge you to tell me: what are the top three things that you want to create that make up your big vision? (bullet points are fine, we don’t need War and Peace).

Let’s start making the magic together, because the energy of women working together is incredibly powerful. You do not need to justify why it is that you’re thinking big and dreaming big with us; we just accept it and know that you are capable of it. So use this space.


Share your big vision with your kindred spirits below. 


  • Paula says:

    I want to help people to heal and fall in love with life again through medium of Reflexology and higher spiritual energies that surround us all.

  • Marie Walker says:

    I want to bring more children into sporting activities both here at home and in underdeveloped countries. The teamwork, friendships and sense of purpose that is given to children, from participating in any activity like this, only helps both physical and mental health.

    I want to be able to donate the kits and equipment needed to allow kids to have a team to play in

    I want to be a household name in my niche

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