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Stop following people who are no longer serving you

I’ve had so many people coming to me recently feeling triggered because leaders who have previously helped them and been influential in their growth have suddenly changed their message.

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It’s ok to unfollow people you are no longer aligned with

I’ve had people say to me, “I can’t unfollow because I feel like I’m being disloyal.” Or, “I can’t unfollow because it makes me feel weird.”

I’m here to tell you that it is making you feel weird listening to stuff that you are no longer energetically aligned to. It is stopping you in your tracks and causing you to procrastinate, because the messages you are receiving go against everything that raises your energetic level and helps you step out of procrastination and into action.

Public service announcement: some people are there for a reason, some people are there for a season, and some people are there for a lifetime. Know the difference.

It doesn’t make them wrong and it doesn’t make you wrong if their evolution is no longer in alignment with what you want or how you want to show up.

Accept with gratitude and appreciation everything that you have taken from that person, bless them, wish them good luck, and move on.


If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not for you anymore

If you continue to follow people who are triggering you and making you feel bad, you are literally halting your own flow.

Yes, it is important to be challenged and stay curious. But don’t go against your gut feeling and switch off your intuition in favour of what someone else is saying.

If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not for you anymore. It’s as simple as that.


Listen to your body

You don’t need to listen to things that challenge you and make you feel uncomfortable – especially if you are in a place in your business where things are going well.

I know some people who say that feeling challenged and uncomfortable comes from hearing the truth. Remember, they are telling you their version of the truth.

Get quiet and listen to what your body is telling you. If it doesn’t feel good, change direction and tune into what really motivates and inspires you now; that reminds you you are a powerful human being with a lot of value.

You don’t have to change up your whole paradigm just because somebody else has.

If it’s not serving you, let it go.


Head to your journal and get really honest: who is no longer serving you?

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