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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • [01:39] How comparison showed up in a client when launching
  • [02:55] The positive in feeling less than
  • [03:52] Observing your feelings and environment
  • [05:07] Looking at their stories you’re telling yourself
  • “A lot of people will refuse, actively refuse to put themselves in situations where they are surrounded by people that stretch them because their comparison gene is so strong and they feel so, so inadequate that it’s too painful, that it’s too hard and it’s too harsh to put themselves in that environment.”
  • “Every experience that you get to have in your life is a gift, especially the failures.”
  • “This podcast is really just to remind you that every single successful person that you have ever heard of in your life has failed so many times, so many times.”

Are you comparing?

Have you ever experienced a launch which didn’t pan out the way that you wanted and you get the feelings of shame?

The shame of not hitting the goal is comparison, and this episode is a quick one reminding you what to observe and take from comparison so you can get back in the game.

I’ve been through it, everyone’s been through it. You’re bad-ass and you’ve got this.

Take listen lovely x

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