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Are you comparing? Here’s what to do…

That feeling of shame of not hitting the goal or having a launch that didn’t pan out the way you wanted, is comparison.

It’s that feeling of you’re not as good as that person over there, and that means that you’re less than. Or you can see other people soaring, seemingly having better launches than you, and it’s just pushing all of those inadequacy buttons.

Here’s what to do if you find yourself in this situation, comparing 👇


1. First of all, really well done.


You’ve surrounded yourself with people who are doing great things in life, putting yourself in the frequency of those people which allows you to observe everything about them, including the way that they deal with success and challenges. 


A lot of people will actively refuse to put themselves in those situations where they are surrounded by people that stretch them because their comparison gene is so strong and they feel so inadequate that it’s too painful and harsh to put themselves in that environment. That isn’t you because you’re seeing it, so well done.



2. Second thing, just stop giving a sh*t.


Every experience that you get to have in your life is a gift, especially the failures. When things that do not pan out the way you want, that’s an opportunity for you to grow. And I hear you when you say, all well and good, but I still feel like dog crap right now. I get it. We’ve all been through it, I’ve been through it.


Give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel and then go back into observation mode. Observe those people who stretch you, challenge you and inspire you, and also observe yourself. Observe your behaviour, thoughts, feelings and stories that you were telling yourself, about who you are, what you’re allowed, what you can expect, and just look at them all impartially.



3. Write down each story and re-create them.


Really take a look at every story that you have observed and write each one down. What stories were you taking into whatever you did, that you were able to prove or disprove? What stories did you prove or disprove during the event and also after, and ask yourself, where were these stories serving me? Where did these stories originate from? How much truth was in these stories? And then finally, what’s the new story that you get to create. Write it all down.


This blog is really just to remind you that every single successful person that you have ever heard of in your life has failed so so many times, and it’s their capacity to get up, look themselves in the eyes and say, ‘you’ve got this. Let’s do it. Let’s go again. You’re a bad-ass’ that gets them to their desired goals.



You are not on your own.

Feel it for a little while, then stop wallowing, get off your arse and get back in the game.

People are waiting on you. I am waiting on you.

Let’s get back to work.


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