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  • 01:45 You do your meditation and then you get out of bed and you get into the shower, and you get out of the shower and then all of a sudden one of your kids goes, mom.
  • And you’re like, whoa. It’s like somebody has burst your bubble. And then from that moment on, you’re.
    Like, in this cascade of just crap.
  • 05:48 And I feel that in my chest as I recognize the magnificence of that statistic. That is one statistic that I am so grateful to be able to hang my hat on. Not one in 400, which is pretty amazing. Not one in 4000, not one in 4 million, but one in 400 trillion chance of being born.
  • 07:25 And from that place of regulation, you can actually start to think about one is this even necessary?
  • “I was so happy just 20 mins ago, what happened?!”
  • “Whatever you need to do in order to acknowledge where you’re at, do it.”
  • “The beautiful thing about just remembering that one statement and allowing yourself to contemplate it can change all of the things in just 30 seconds or less.”

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