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  • 09:50 I never had any other aspirations. I never had a backup plan. I never had a proper job. My dad always says I came out singing. There was no stopping that. It was like a steamroller or a snowball kind of gathering pace. There was absolutely no way I was not going to make it in my mind.
  • 43:56 I don’t know if you feel this way, Suze, but there are people in your life that come along at right time to help you grow. Whether it’s some kind of guru of some sort that shows you a spiritual path that you didn’t know existed, or it’s a friend that gives you the advice and love that you need at a particular time that helps you move forward.And there are so many of those people that we’ve met on this journey here in LA that have helped us, that I don’t know where we would be without it. And it’s part of the journey of our life. And I will forever be grateful for this place. I really will. But it’s just time to come home, get some good beer.
  • 47:29 There’s a closure here in some way. And songwriting has always been that for me.If you write it down or get it out, it can not only help you move on, but it’s going to help other people deal with situations in their lives.
  • “I was only 19 when I put that record out. And you don’t really know anything at 19, do you? I have children older than that now.”
  • “When I really started really getting into music, I was so precocious in a way that I just had absolutely unflinching belief in myself.”
  • “And most men haven’t discovered how beautiful it is to actually cry deeply about something or just let it out you know, because there’s a freedom in it. There’s a freedom in it, and you move on, you move forward.”

When Suzy met the One and Only Chesney Hawkes

When I say I have been manifesting this episode for SEVEN YEARS! I am so excited today to bring you this very special episode of Infinite Receiving.

Yes, for those of you who have been here a while you will know that in London on that fateful day, the very first Limitless Live, you heard me speaking about my childhood idol. Mr. Chesney Hawkes.

This is JUICY! We talk about THAT song, and the meaning it has brought to people’s lives. Near death experiences, the beauty to be found in crying, and the risks of love and business. #juicynuggets.

I cannot wait for you to experience this episode so get yourself comfy and enjoy!

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