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  • Where is the upgrade? Where is the evolution? Because if I want to create a different result, then I have to evolve. I can’t just think and do in the same way that I’ve always thought and done, because that will get me to where I am now. But it’s not going to get me to an eight figure a year company.
  • 11:55 If you are somebody that does not believe that you can have it all, then your behaviour will be in alignment. You will sacrifice things that you say are important to you, because the belief is that you can’t have all of the things that are important to you. At the same time, when you are wanting to change anything at all, you have to upgrade your identity to match your desires. And it really is as simple and as hard as that, you know?
  • 16:11 And so many people don’t think that is possible because they don’t appreciate that their identity is fluid. Everything about your identity is fluid. But you act as though that it’s fixed. It is not
  • 20:57 What do you want? You have to make a decision about what it is that you want and what you are willing to let go of.
  • 23:55 But here’s the beautiful thing, is that your identity is not fixed. It is fluid. And that means that you can change everything. It means that you can change everything.
  • “I want you to understand that everything that is in your life right now is what you are a match for.”
  • “If I want to create something that is wildly and profoundly different, I have to upgrade the way that I’m thinking.”
  • “So it takes effort and intention to think differently again and again and again.”
  • “All transformation starts with awareness.”

Why We Fail (part 1)

Hello hello your gorgeous human being!

I am coming in hot with number one of a three part series which I am SO excited about.

This first episode is going to be looking at why we fail. We all fail for the same reason, we do.

I feel like I’m about to talk about this in a way that I have never said it before. And that feels really exciting.

The next episode is going to be about the spirituality of success and failure and patterns. And that also feels just really important because the first episode and the third episode are going to be quite practical. But I don’t think that we can have this conversation without talking about the spiritual side of the lives that we are leading and why it is important for us to experience what we sometimes deem as failure. And then the third episode is going to be how we shift, how we make the change.

So please stick around for all three episodes, I am wildly excited to get started so let’s go!

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