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Are You Hiding?

The theme for The Mastermind over the next couple of weeks is visibility. It’s an interesting one, because while we talk about visibility and the importance of it, what we are really talking about is fear and overcoming it.

Fear of being seen for who we really are.

Fear of being rejected if people see what’s beneath the surface.

Fear of standing out.

Fear of getting it wrong.

Fear of judgement.

Fear of standing tall only to be put back into ‘your’ box.

Fear of getting it really right and the negative consequences of success: the push/pull between work and your family.

Fear of the responsibility of managing money

The list is endless.

So what do we do to avoid all of this?

We hide.

We self-sabotage.

We overwhelm ourselves with to-do lists that prevent us from doing the things that will truly allow ourselves to soar.

And then what do we do?

We justify it.

I’m just too busy to take a step back and plan out a proper strategy.

I can’t possibly commit to doing just one thing, when I have so many other things that need my attention.

I can’t let that person down so my stuff will just have to wait.

Oh, let me spend my valuable time attempting to fix that technical car crash, because I have all the time in the world to spend on things I know nothing about.

Please don’t let me take any risks that might actually make a difference to my life or my business, because actually it might just come off.

Ooh, let me distract myself with stories about other people’s success whilst I silently (or not so silently) simmer with jealousy about the fact it’s not happening for me.

….I could go on.

Want to know one of the fundamental secrets to success in your industry.

Tell people who YOU are, why YOU care and how YOU can help them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Don’t hide behind boring industry jargon, be real. Talk as though you are talking to your best friend. Help them solve their problems without expecting anything in return, whilst letting them know you are there if and when they do need you.

Be real.

Share you.

Solve problems.



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