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Are You Giving Them What They Want?

Anyone who has completed even the smallest amount of sales training will have heard of the saying people buy people. It’s a plain and simple fact. We choose to do business with the people we know, that we like and who we trust. And in an increasingly sophisticated marketplace where people are used to getting a shit ton of value for FREE, as service providers, marketeers it is our job to give our potential clients what they want….

The question is, are you giving them what they want?

The Know Factor

You have to give your potential audience the opportunity to get to know you. Whether you choose to do this through pretty pictures on Instagram, amusing Facebook status updates on your business page, blogging, vlogging or Twitter (to name just a few) as a service provider you need a presence. You need to be visible.

Now there’s visibility and there’s visibility I discuss this in my post about marketing vs promoting. You give potential clients the opportunity to get to know you by sharing your message and your story in a way they can connect to. Letting them know how you can help them overcome their struggles or challenges along the way through.

The Like Factor

By having a consistent presence, you give your core target audience the opportunity to know if they are going to like you. People buy from people who they like remember.  This is why a powerful About page can make the difference between a sale or not. Blogging from the heart about the things that you care and are passionate about can help you to forge a connection before you have even met. It’s this type of sharing that has people I have never met before coming up to me and saying ‘I feel like I already know you.’

The Trust Factor

When you exercise the discipline of consistency posting even when you can’t be bothered. Sending out your newsletter every week. Sharing valuable tools, information and insights that your audience can immediately implement and make a difference to their own lives. That is how you build up the trust factor, long before you have a tribe of raving fans, telling more of your potential ideal clients exactly why they should know, like and trust you on their behalf.

So back to the original question, are you giving your audience the opportunity to get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you? Or are you just saying, buy my stuff? If it’s the latter and it’s not getting you very far, you know what you need to do to switch up your game.




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