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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 01:40 The realisation I had and what that looks like right now
  • 04:21 Being all of yourself and our limitlessness
  • 05:42 Learning and teaching the lesson simultaneously
  • “The reason that I have experienced the expansion is that I’m willing to revisit things that seem obvious. I’m willing to revisit things that feel foundational with the lens of experience.”
  • “There is always another layer that we can let go of. There is always something that we can just release.”
  • “As I impact people in a deeper, more profound way, I will attract more dream boat clients.”

Are you limiting your visibility?

If you’re in my community, it might feel like I am everywhere and in all of the places.

But the truth is that there is so much that I want to say and share that I don’t for fear of judgment or saying the wrong thing, being isolated and excluded and all of that jazz.

The next level in my business requires me to release this which means I get to connect more deeply to the bigger mission and the vision piece.

So, how willing are you to see yourself in all of your magnificence?

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