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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:46 What really happens when you anticipate the worst
  • 07:45 Remember this one key learning
  • 11:02 Being both the generator and the conduit
  • 12:48 Feeling supported and safe and the feelings of fear
  • “When one thing looks like it is not going to go to plan. It’s very easy for my mind to anticipate that things are not going to work out for me.”
  • “When we’re in our most sovereign self, we know that we are both the generator and the conduit.”
  • “Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Most of the time, things are not going to plan because our plan is so narrow. Our plan is based on the experience of our mind, and our mind can only think about or tune into what it’s already done.”

When things don’t go to plan

When you are coming off the back of failure (or perceived failure) and you’re in that space in between the end, or trying to get a different result using the same methods, and starting something new, gearing yourself up to go again, it’s so important to know where your edge is when it comes to your growth.

The mind’s job is to solve problems and keep you safe. This is a problem when you’re looking to do something new.

Get out of your head and into this space.

*Note this episode was taken from a live in the Quantum Success Hub Facebook Group.

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