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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:28 The desire to accelerate your business
  • 03:17 Relationships and letting go of them
  • 05:39 Getting very familiar with that bubbling feeling
  • 07:16 Creating space for miracles
  • “One of the biggest things that holds people back is that intellectually, that they’re okay with the idea of changing, but subconsciously and in the body, the idea of changing is absolutely petrifying.”
  • “When it comes to change, we have to lean into a deeper level of faith each and every time that change feels unfamiliar to what we’re used to.”
  • “When you trust that it’s not your job to try and control the flow, that’s really when we start to create space for miracles.”

Are you really okay with change though?

When it comes to upleveling, expanding and changing your outcome, you have to be prepared to let something go.

You need to create space for the new things to come in and in doing that, you have to adapt and evolve to the new environment that you are creating for yourself.

My question is, are you really okay with that?

If you are looking for a miracle right now, if you are waiting for one to drop into your lap, this episode is for you.

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