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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:34 The three different ways the guilt shows up
  • 06:14 Understanding your premium product within your audience
  • 08:10 Building the business you desire
  • 10:45 The first thing to get your mind around
  • 13:13 Taking action
  • “There is always a person for every price.”
  • “It is your job and responsibility to make sure that you’re creating a business that enables you to have the impact that you want to make, facilitate the transformations that you want to facilitate, and live the life that you desire to live. You do not need to compromise.”
  • “People don’t build the business that they want to because they believe that they have limited choices in the problems that they solve, or the people that they work with. And that isn’t true.”

Should you raise your prices?

As a heart-centered individual, there is often a huge amount of guilt that comes up when it comes to charging what you actually want to charge for your services.

It can be such a big thing mentally to navigate too. Do you find a different audience to sell your amazing product to? Or do you change your product to fit the target audience of the people that you want to serve?

For everyone who is struggling with really owning the fact that they desire to charge more, this episode is for you.

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