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Are You Successful?

This morning I read an interesting post from a client on success. She talked about the fact that, whilst she didn’t consider herself to be a ‘mover and a shaker’, she was feeling great about the deep satisfaction she was getting from a steady stream of clients that she got to work with in her quiet way.

I loved this post, whilst simultaneously being triggered by it.

It also reminded me of a post from a mentor of mine about two statements Jim Carrey has said.

One being about manifesting 10 million in five years through belief, visualisation and enough right action.

And the second of him saying he wished everyone in the world could be blessed with all of the fame and fortune they desired, so each of us would realise that it is not money and fame that will ever make a person feel truly fulfilled.

I sometimes forget that my mission, whether it comes to birth and business, is the same.

What’s Your Mission?

This is to help women understand their own limitless potential and to provide them with the tools to help them turn their dreams into reality.

I talk a lot about impact.

My own desire is to have a massive impact and help a lot of people understand that they CAN have what they desire.

They DON’T have to wait.


The dream can be a REALITY.

I think that some of the people I reach think that this means everyone needs to want to help 1000’s of people in order for their dream to be deemed worthy enough.

I want to say no.

That’s bullshit.

You are worthy

I want you to know that, even though I have to be mindful to remind myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I am worthy enough whether I get 10 comments on a post or not.

I am worthy enough whether I never sell another spot on another event or course or not.

I am worthy enough whether I am the only person in the world who will ever read this post or not.

I do.

Neither your worth or mine is wrapped up in bank balances of numbers.

My value as a human being was determined the moment I was born.

I am a fucking miracle.

I walk, I talk, I get to choose, see, live, breathe and that is e-fucking-nough.

So if we’re already enough what else is there?

Well, for each and every one of us it’s different.

I know what I see in my groups and communities.

A whole raft of amazing women, sometimes mothers, who are feeling penned in to following the crowd. Doing what’s expected of them. Doing what they think they should do, because over the years the idea of doing what they love, and speaking the truth that comes with listening to your heart, feels wrong.

Feels showoffy.

Feels self-indulgent.


They feel as though now is not the right time.

Now is the time for the husband or the kids.

Or a sense of guilt, or shame, of letting go of the thing they have worked on for so long to do THE thing that really light’s their fire.

Success isn’t about cash in the bank.

Or numbers of people who like you, love you, or blow smoke up your ass every time you bat an eyelid.

Waking up

It’s about waking up and smiling.

Feeling excited about the day ahead.

About the unexpected and expected conversations you might have that will make a difference to the right person at exactly the right time.

It’s about feeling life and loving it, more often than just surviving it.

Sleepwalking through it.

Just putting one foot in front of the other.

And for me it’s also about being present….something that I’m working on every single day….I’m shit at being present.

But that too is okay.

So my client is right, success isn’t about how much you’re doing or moving and shaking. Although, it’s completely okay to want to create massive impact if that’s what your heart desires.

It’s about knowing you are good enough right now to speak and live the truth you were born to live.

If this resonates with you and you want help in speaking your truth in a way that can help you live the life you desire, drop me a line to see how I work with my private clients. It’s magic.


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