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How to Have a Good Day?

Go outside

And when I say go outside I don’t just mean go outside, scroll through Facebook and think about how much time you have until you can officially go back to your desk, feeling mildly irritated that even though you’ve been outside just like the post said, that the momentary relief you got has already started to fade.  I mean go outside and breathe in the frickin air, like it’s the first breath you have ever taken and wake the fuck up.

Look around you.

This works well if you have the luxury of being in nature: in a wood; by the sea; or in a park.  But even if you are in the middle of the city, go outside and look up and be impressed.  Be mesmerised.  If not by beautiful architecture, look up at that sky.  Your sky.  That infinite sky.

If you can see a tree, look at the leaves and be impressed by the miracle that is that specific formation of atoms, collectively attaching themselves in a particular way, to create that one of a kind leaf and be mesmerised.

Then take another breath.

Look down at your hands and be fascinated at you.  The precise formation of cells that have collectively attached themselves in that unique way to create your hands.  It’s bloody amazing.  You are bloody amazing.


Stop Judging

Stop judging yourself.  Stop judging other people.  How much more accepting of what is going on around you can you be today?  How can you reduce the amount you make yourself or other people wrong?   How much more than yesterday can you view whatever situation you’re confronted with, with just a little more love and a lot more acceptance?


Give and receive compliments

Say something nice to someone.  It’s easy to roll your eyes when people talk about love in any other context outside of children and romantic relationships; but love is the highest form of energy and communication and being able to both observe it and bring that energy into every conversation you have today is the gateway to having the most beautiful interactions and transactions.  The easiest way to do this is to say something nice to someone and notice how many more opportunities you have to receive someone saying something loving to you and receive it, wholeheartedly.


Don’t give yourself too much to do

In a culture where more is more and we measure our ‘success’ by how busy we can claim we are, I’m inviting you to go against the grain.  Choose one thing you’re not going to do today and fill that space with something that will bring you joy.  It may be something as simple and silly as a three-minute chair dance.  Or perhaps you want to go all the way and fill your time with space to think, observe, or even to sleep.  The key here is to do less ‘stuff’ or at least do more things that bring you joy.


Give thanks

Actively appreciate in as many moments as you can, just how bloody awesome your life is.  How many amazing things you have in your life.  Your breath, your body, your ears, your lips, running water, food, a roof over your head, a mobile phone, your desk, your laptop, friends, family …. the list goes on.  Appreciate it all and watch how the rest of life unfolds beautifully.

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