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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:59 When you’re in comparison mode and what to do instead
  • 07:14 The flip side when you’re worried about making other people feel envious and choose to hide instead
  • 08:45 What to do when you feel contraction
  • “I get to be proud knowing that my decisions are not against anybody else and their decisions are not against me.”
  • “Nobody can be a better author for me of my own story, if I’m choosing it, if I’m in control of the penmanship.”
  • “When we combine that higher frequency vibration with the expanded version of hero energy, you see what starts falling into your lap.”

Are You Triggered By Others’ Success?

This episode is off the back of a recent time when I was feeling really triggered by something, because it wasn’t in alignment with a decision that I would make.

It led me to feel really uncomfortable and inadequate but I did realize something that I haven’t before…

I am setting the intention that this podcast lands with you in a deeper way than any other podcast has before.

Take a deep breath and dive right in.

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