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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 05:21 Creating change from a young age and Ola’s early life lessons
  • 26:20 Being a mum influencer and sharing the normal life too.
  • 31:40 Branding, social media and marketing as an individual and a family, working with partnerships and other brands
  • 49:17 The 3 things Ola recommends for selling and building on social media
  • “I just enjoy bringing in voices together in a way that creates change, that isn’t just for you, but means that people after you are going to benefit.”
  • “No one thought is alone in itself. And with those energies, so many people have gone through similar processes.”
  • “My granddad always did say to me about being able to kind of sit on something and deliver something of impact, as opposed to just speaking so quickly that it doesn’t make sense.”
  • “We need to understand there is so much space for all of us to win and just sharing something with somebody else, doesn’t take anything off your table. And if anything, it’s that good karma.”

On Being Black, Bringing Voices Together & Amplifying Your Own with Ola Pelo

I have got another juicy, amazing, incredible human being to introduce to you today! We have got Ola Pelo in the house!

Ola is obsessed with marketing, brand building and helping other families do what she does best – create great video content. We talk about building a personal and professional brand, being on TikTok as a family and what it’s like being a mum influencer.

I loved this conversation.

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