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  • 34:44 It’s proactive receiving in the shower. That’s often how I communicate to my future self. Asking him a question and then letting the answer come.
  • 04:13 So my best friend and I, when were 17, hosted our first event and we had 1000 people.
  • 20:27  And I call it identity engineering. Right. So if there’s a part of your personality that feels like it’s not serving your mission and purpose, you can literally adapt it as a skill. And I think equanimity is one of those. Peace is one of those. Confidence. I see confidence as a skill, not as a trait or not as a personality trait.
  • “The current puzzles I have are my training to get me to my next level.”
  • “I have problem solving and strategy as superpowers, but I also have equanimity as a superpower.”
  • “I love discomfort.”

Becoming the Taylor Swift of Community Building with Giovanni Marsico

This is a conversation you are going to love. It was epic. Giovanni is a massive idol to me. And the work that he has done in the event space is really a huge inspiration and I love hearing how he thinks.

There are many similar and familiar threads when it comes to the way that I work with clients and how I help them to quantum leap and create massive change in their life through very similar threads.

To get yourself quantum leaping more than ever, get your hand on my new book Infinite Receiving, right here.

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