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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • [02:12] What competition has nothing to do with.
  • [02:47] My invitation to the practical way you can look at this.
  • [03:06] The 1% difference that is key.
  • [03:39] Loving yourself more and what that gets to look like in your business.
  • “Healthy competition with yourself is a judgment free zone.”
  • “Your competition has nothing to do with your best friend. It has nothing to do with your peers, and it has nothing to do, especially, it has nothing to do with the people that you do not respect in the industry.”
  • “Give yourself permission to sit in the discomfort of being seen and being heard and honour that bravery and the discomfort.”

Can we talk about healthy competition?

We’re all good at comparing right? Yet we know it’s the thief of all joy. But are we looking at competition? But healthy competition?

I’m talking about the other side of comparison here and how it gets to drive us in a really positive way. You can look at how you show up and then look to where you can lean into, to improve.

In this episode, I invite you to use this practical tip to do for your healthy competition. Be intentional and claim it.

All my love, Suzy x

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