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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • [02:30] An insight into my reality
  • [03:38] Breath work with me
  • [05:10] How we can make better decisions
  • [00:45] Finding our true power
  • “It’s that dance between what is going on in reality and the knowing that we create our reality from the inside out, and also how we respond to external stimuli.”
  • “It’s from that sense of awareness and spaciousness and expansiveness that when we make decisions about what the best next step in our business is, it gets to be so much more aligned as we drop the confusion, we drop the not knowing.”
  • “I think that it’s in the resting and the regaining of perspective, that is where our true power lies.”

When you’re screaming shut up, after talking about staying calm

I am loving my breath-work at the moment and this episode is all around the importance of the breath in everyday life.

The power of coming back to the breath when we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and like it’s all too much, allows us to come back to the present moment and make better decisions from a more expansive space.

This short and snappy one might just be exactly what you need today.

Faith + Action = Miracles x

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