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  • 03:00 I don’t think that up until now and there’s a reason that it is now that this has happened but I’ve really truly treated myself like I am the prize.
  • 11:15  I have spoken to more people that I am interested in since knowing that I am the prize.
  • 13:10 Being in love with my life, being in love with this process and allowing that to be the thing that leads me and allows me to approach this with an open not a cynical heart.
  •  “I’m the lighthouse and they come to me.”
  • “People send me soapy things which are not respectful of boundaries.”
  • “I am the generator and the conduit for infinite love.”

Dating Update

This week is dating update week!

I had a quiet summer, date wise (hello single parenting and holidays and working). Recently I have been really applying what I know about the pillar of Infinite Greatness to myself when it comes to dating and when I say to myself I mean to the whole process.

I have reached an understanding which has been a total game changer in my dating life, and actually it works across so many levels.

Listen in and see what it is.

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