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  • 03:59  When  I  am  feeling  like  there  is  not  enough  time  to  do  everything  that  I  want  to  do,  usually  I  can  also  identify  with  the  fact  that  I  have  spent  a  disproportionate  amount  of  time  time  thinking  about  all  of  the  things  that  I  do  not  have  time  to  do.
  • 04:47 I’ll do it in a minute, I’m going to do it in a minute, I’m going to do it tomorrow, I’m going to do it next week. Can somebody tell me when I need to do it because I’m not doing it.
  • 14:59 So there are six steps in this process of getting it done. And now I want to offer you just briefly a couple of ideas to help you support yourself in making this happen.
  • “I’m just in the maze again – the maze of my mind.”
  • “Have a look at what is it that that distracts you from being able to show up in your fullest.”
  • “Make sure that you are celebrating the completion of your task with a little reward.”

How to use Thinking Time to stop Procrastination

I  am  super  excited  for  this  episode   it’s  a  quick  and  dirty  one  for  you  today  but  you  are  going  to  be  able  to  take  what  I  am  sharing  and  implement  this  in  your  life  and  in  your  business  immediately.

If you’ve hung out with me for a bit, you’ve likely caught me saying that being overwhelmed is totally optional.

But , even I have those moments when I feel like it is all JUST TOO MUCH and there is not enough time.

Here’s the thing – deep down, I know the whole “not enough time” drama is just a big, fat myth. I’ve spotted this in myself, and I’m betting there’s a whole bunch of you out there nodding along.

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