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  • 05:19 What I was doing was hosting a swimming pool party, and I decided that I didn’t need any help. Well, I wanted some help. And then I decided I didn’t want any help, but cut my nose off to spite my face, block myself from receiving. That’s it, I’m fine, I can do it. And it was really interesting, because I heard myself like, in the moment, I was able to witness myself blocking myself from any receiving. And in the moment, I was able to have the awareness but not stop the action. 
  • 08:42 What I leaned into was , knowing that I am infinitely supported. And I allowed myself to be supported by somebody who had offered it in the first place, who I had rejected and then decided that my pride and ego were not more important than the thing that I was manifesting.
  • 14:37 How can I approach this differently? How can I get what I want, but from a different angle. How many people miss out on getting what it is that they desire because they refuse to look at things differently
  • “I want to open myself up to receiving again; receiving love, receiving acknowledgement, receiving support, and really intentionally co creating the co parenting relationship and friendship that I desire to have with him.”
  • “Who do I need to be for that intention to be fulfilled?”
  • “Frequently, we stop ourselves from the breakthrough because we are so contracted in the holding on to the story the protection of the ego, the protection of the heart.”

Divorce Diaries: Asking for Help

Welcome to today’s podcast which is DRUMROLLLLLL another divorce diaries episode!

It’s been a long time since I have shared anything about my separation. We have been separated for about two and a half years and by and large, it has definitely been one of the hardest experiences from an emotional perspective.

But you know, I feel like on the whole we have navigated things incredibly positively. And at the same time, still, two and a half years later, there are still many, many firsts that we are going through.

And of late, I have found some of these firsts really triggering and it has brought up so many challenging feelings for me to navigate.

And you know me, every day’s a school day!

So, tune in to this episode to find out what solo parent pool party learnings I have for you.

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