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  • The Law of Unseen Grace says that you will always get what you need, which might not always be what you want.
  • When we are working with the Law of Attraction, sometimes it feels like, hang on a minute, I didn’t ask for this. This is not what I wanted.
  • This has the capacity to turn really challenging situations where you feel like the world is happening to you as opposed to for you into a situation where you can first choose to accept what is, be present with what is.
  • ‘It’s not fair. Why are they doing this to me? Why don’t you get me?’
  • ‘Instead of fighting against it, be in acceptance.’
  • ‘This law comes first, and it will always be in alignment with where you are energetically.’

What Comes Before the Law of Attraction?

This is all about one of the universal laws, the Law of Unseen Grace.

I know we are all super aware of the Law of Attraction, but perhaps less so with this one.

This was a law that was introduced to me by Richard Rudd, creator of the Gene Keys.

It created a really great breakthrough for me, which I desire to share with you to either set the seed or have you just noodling on how this could be massively beneficial for you if you choose to look at the world through this lens.

So get ready – it’s a quickie but I think you’re gonna love it

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