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  • 09:23 What would I do if I really, really truly, truly could choose? And that was the question that came up for me about a year or so ago. And so we decided to sell our house to downsize things, all this kind of stuff. But I made that decision. I was like, so stoked. But then the House took six months to sell. And in that time, I really got clear
  • 11:42 Am I broken? I know that everybody has that thought and that fear when they they’re like, this is the thing that I want, and it’s not happening
  • 21:18 I’m curious, like, how much of your own book are you reading when you have these realisations? Like, oh, I’ve told the whole world, this is what they need to be doing. And and I’m looking at my own life and be like, oh, I need to do this too.
  • “My new philosophy has to be ‘all of my projects are profitable’””Denise: during Covid my recurring money block came up, which is I am responsible for everyone.”
  • “I want people to be just as excited when they hear I’m putting an event on as people are when they hear that Glastonbury is releasing their first lot of tickets.”
  • “There’s a level of empowerment like that sexiness actually isn’t for anybody else. It’s for me, that feels really quite beautiful”

Money Talk with Denise Duffield-Thomas

This episode is such a juicy one. I go deep with my friend and original money mentor Denise Duffield Thomas.

Get ready for a wild ride as we discuss everything from money blocks, (Denise shares really openly and really authentically about her own money blocks) to perimenopause and pole dancing.

So if you are up for a really juicy conversation, then this is the one for you.

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