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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:39 The trip abroad that left me mind blown
  • 09:00 The time I thought I was going to give up
  • 13:15 Remember this when you can’t see progress
  • 17:32 What we know about the mind and what our brain tells us
  • “Progress over perfection. That is a very, very powerful and helpful sentence to keep in mind.”
  • “By simply choosing to keep on going the evidence after I have completed the ride tells me that not only am I making progress, but I am stronger than I have ever been.”
  • “Every single experience is leading you to the point where you sit down and you share with your community, what it took for you to be in the position to share your winner’s story.”

Don’t quit and Ibiza vibes

A recent experience really got me thinking about all of the people who are in the middle of launching what feels like a really terrible launch, and this episode is for anyone that feels they’ve had a really terrible launch.

I do not believe that it needs to feel hard in order for you to get a great result.

Hear me when I say that this isn’t a story about it needing to be hard. This is a story about not giving up…

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