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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:26 Is money your motivation?
  • 04:16 Showing up with infinitely more power and impact
  • 06:35 Tomorrow never comes
  • 10:44 Living into the energy of the untruth
  • “Every single time I get paid, it means that I’m helping somebody. And because I charge appropriately, I am able to replenish and help myself in ways that allow me to show up infinitely more powerfully and infinitely more impactfully because I get paid well.”
  • “Many people do not believe that it is possible for them to achieve their soul’s desire.”
  • “When I’m talking about success, what I’m talking about is peace and alignment. Alignment with knowing that you are living into your fullest self. And when you are living into your fullest self, you get paid as well.”

Your relationship with ‘but.’

Do you feel comfortable in increasing your rates or asking for more?

There are way more important things in this world than money but how do you justify it that it’s not okay for you to ask for it?

This episode is about your relationship with ‘but’, but it’s also your relationship around trusting yourself, and your relationship around money and around worth.

The truth is, it’s all available for you.

Tomorrow never comes, there is literally only now for everybody.

*This episode is taken from a Facebook live

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