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  • 05:13  I’ve always sort of self medicated, but, yeah, I’ve kind of always been a bit of like, fuck it, like, I’m a bit of a party girl.
  • 13:47 But you met this man, you fell in love, you built a life and a business with him, he fell off his bike, almost died and then that shifted everything. What happened, after he fell off his bike….
  • 02:00 Talk to me about sobriety. How long have you been sober for? Very new journey, like literally, literally like two weeks.
  • 21:50 One thing I really appreciate about having ADHD is that I’ve always been quite boundaryless
  • 16:52 I’m currently married to a monk, which is pretty hilarious
  • 39:31 When you were at the low point with the drugs, what were you trying to escape from or what were you trying to avoid?
  • 45:35 So I do believe that I probably wouldn’t be doing a comedy, maybe if I hadn’t done the plant medicine,
  • 43:13 But that makes a lot of sense, you know, because, you know, consistent need for connection, dopamine, drugs, alcohol, everything has to be dopamine based, you know, in my life, otherwise I can’t do it

Drugs and Monks: A Conversation with Julia Cameron

Buckle up, gorgeous one because have I got an episode for you today!

I am chatting with the hilarious Julia Cameron, you might know her from the viral skit she did about “Girl who now holds ceremonies” it’s the one with the lump of amethyst stuck to her head.

But there is so much more to this woman than that. I could ask her about 100 things every time we speak.

To give you a clue we managed to cover, near death accidents, divorce, dating, sobriety, drugs, manifestation, ADHD and SO much more.

You’re going to LOVE this one

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