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  • 04:13 So how do we tap into more of our intuition in our business?
  • 04:38 all right, we’re tapping into our intuition now. Give me the next two and a half hours and then we’ll be able to create some magic. That’s not the vibe.
  • 14:02 I will just tune into what is the message on the card, how does it apply right now?
  • 04:27 what I notice when the volume is turned down, I am hearing less of the constant chatter, but the body also responds.
  • 06:44 my process is to simply just start asking myself questions where I’m not already expecting a specific answer
  • 09:54 The clearing is really important because it’s when the mind feels really busy, when the energetic system is really busy, when it’s clogged up with negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, doubts, fears, challenges that are acting as barriers between you and who it is that you desire to behaving from. When you are able to transmute or release those fears, desires, scarcity, or all of the things from the system, it creates space. And what do we need in order to tap into intuition consciously? We just need to create some space
  • “Your intuition is always there. And yet it is so easy to get into the busyness of business, the doing of business.”
  • “It is completely safe and okay for you to be like, okay, what does my soul desire today?”
  • “It gets to be that simple. And you have to choose it.”

Unlock Your Intuition: Amplify Your Results in 4 Simple Steps

I am beyond excited to share the latest episode of the Infinite Receiving podcast with you all. In this week’s episode, we dive deep into the topic of using your intuition more in your business.

Your intuition is always there: We all have that inner voice guiding us, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of business and rely solely on our intellect.

Your intuition is a powerful tool that can bring creativity and a fresh perspective to your decision-making process.  While our intellect plays a crucial role in our business, it’s equally important to make room for our intuition… but HOW?

Glad you asked, it’s all right here for you so settle in and listen in!

I also want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support. Your shares, reviews, and recommendations have helped us grow and reach more and more people.

Thank you for tuning in, and remember, faith plus action equals miracles.

Happy listening!

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