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  • 05:45 I don’t feel a failure at all, I feel really excited
  • 06:08 And this is the first step of creating a quantum leap. It is having the audacity, having the balls to go bigger than what your mind can really comprehend
  • 07:02 In just six months, I have 2x the number of people that are going to be at my event. And how did I do that? How did I create that? I created it by stretching beyond.
  • They don’t get it. They want to protect me. They feel bad for me.
  • 10:47 We distract ourselves when it gets uncomfortable. We lean into procrastination. We put everybody else’s needs before our own and we forget what it is that we’re doing and why we even started doing it in the first place.
  • 13:23 Because the reason that most people are not achieving what it is that they desire is that they cannot see the parts of them that are scared shitless of moving forward and those parts are scared shitless. Show up as self sabotage, show up as distraction, show up as it’s not actually that important. Show up as doubt, show up as fear and we can be so sneaky that fear, that distraction, that self sabotage sounds true. It sounds so logical. It sounds so reasonable.
  • 13:36 Show up as self sabotage, show up as distraction, show up as it’s not actually that important. Show up as doubt, show up as fear
  • “The mastery, the evolution, the what comes next is being the person, becoming the woman who is willing to take aligned action every single day.”
  • “They say that the one disease that we all have is amnesia. Forgetting who we are, forgetting what is possible, forgetting what we’re capable of because we get so distracted.” 
  • “You want to be reminding yourself daily of the vision of the outcome.”

How to Guarantee a Quantum Leap in the Next 6 Months

Oh my gosh hello hello and welcome to this episode of the Infinite Receiving Podcast…as I record this I am 3 days out of my 2nd live event of 2023, Infinite Receiving 1.0, and the vibe is high!

As I reflect on what’s happened since my event “Quantum Shift” 6 months ago, I want to share the 6 steps you can take which mean in 6 months time you’ll be hitting up my DMs to tell me all about your own Quantum Shift… ready? LFG

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