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Fancy Hanging Out With Oprah and Deepak?


Everyone wants to hang out with Oprah and Deepak right?  Between them, we have the perfect human being – the ‘Zen Gazzillionaire’ and who doesn’t want a piece of that action?? 🙂 So, just in case you’ve been hiding in the deepest, darkest depths of Outer Mongolia, over the last couple of years and have managed to miss this.  These two wonderful human beings have teamed up and dared us to shut up and listen for 21 whole days straight!  OK, so maybe shut up and listen, isn’t quite the way they would put it, they’d probably say something like…”Get quiet so you can so you can tune into the voice within.” More eloquent, yes, but it means the same thing….If you’re still unsure as to what I am going on about, I am going to put you out of your misery.  At the start of this week, Oprah and Deepak finally launched the 7th program in their series of 21 Day meditation challenges.

These challenges are amazing!  And as you have found yourself chilling in the Limitless You world today, if you are not already on the meditation gravy train, I have no doubt that getting involved with this over the next 21 days, could do you a whole heap of good :-).  If you are the type of person that finds themselves rushing from pillar to post, feeling anxious about the amount of things you have to do, or worrying about what might be going to happen in future, meditation can really help you to feel more at peace.

The reason that I love the 21 Day challenge, is that it has long been muted that it takes 21 days for a person to form a new habit.  With my hypnotherapist hat on, I know this not to be true, as I see much quicker results every single day.  However,  when a person is working on their own and consciously looking to create a new pattern of behaviour; consistent action over 21 days, seems a fair amount of time to hone a new way of acting.  So, if you are prepared to commit to making the time for yourself and we’re talking 15 minutes a day, come on!  You deserve it! You really are giving yourself the best chances of creating a change that your mind and your body will be infinitely grateful for and this is why…

(Just 5 of the Many) Benefits of Meditation

  1. It lowers your stress levels.  Meditation improves the hormonal balance of the body, reducing cortisols that leave us feeling anxious and harm our immune system.
  2. It helps us to re-train the way that we think – teaching us to stop diving into negative thought patterns and spirals.
  3. It helps us to regulate our emotions – reducing the number of explosive episodes, so we feel less remorseful and more chilled.
  4. It helps you sleep better
  5. It enables us to turn the volume down on the little voice (who is often a Negative Nelly) inside our heads, which leaves more room for ‘aha’ moments, as we create the space for our creative juices to flow more readily.  Sounds great right??

So, if you’re not involved already sign up!  The course started on Monday, but meditations are left up for 5 days, so you still have the opportunity to get with the program and join the thousands of people who, are saying, I’m ready for a bit more peace.


I’d love to hear your results, so leave your comments in the box below or tweet me @limitless_you



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