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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:33 Introducing the second fear
  • 07:26 Failing a hundred times
  • 11:43 Willingness to be in acceptance
  • 12:47 Different paths
  • “The most successful people that you know are failing a hundred times more than you are failing because they are trying new things that don’t work all of the time. But because they are trying new things that don’t work all of the time, they are also way more likely to hit the jackpot with the one thing that does work”
  • “Stepping beyond your comfort zone is a growth zone. This is where your evolution takes place.”
  • “I’ve disconnected the successes that I have in my business and the failures I have in my business, from my self worth.”
  • “You are the point of attraction for people who resonate with who you be. It’s when we start adding filters and pretending to be something that we are not that we run into problems.”

Five big F’s for You (2 of 5)

In part one of the series, I talked about the fear of judgement. And today we have a new fear for you to see: shame.

The reason that people are not moving forward in their business is that they are afraid of feeling ashamed. Now, why might somebody worry about that sense of feeling ashamed?

I think that frequently shame is related to failure.

Let’s dive right in and talk all about the fear of shame and how to elevate beyond it.

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