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  • 19:38 But from that, something beautiful was born. Or maybe it was always there, and that is I can do anything. As I watched them doing the things, of course I can do that. I can do that. I might not be able to speak about it in English, but I can do it.
  • 22:31 I was always a warrior. My parents always were fighters. My grandfather fought in the war. He established the hometown, the home city that I was born in. My grandfather was taken to Siberia. So physical participation in wars and battles is handed down to me through generations. And so, yeah, I came in with that fire, with that warrior stance.
  • 33:41 Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are your company. You’re not. Who you are is much deeper, much broader. This limitless something and your soul. Right? And you get to express that through your work, but you’re not your work.
  • “Some of us are given a lot to live through so that we can share our learnings and our wisdom with others.”
  • “Not only because I was a teenager and I wanted to fit in, also because I was an immigrant. I just wanted to be like everyone else.”
  • “I am deserving of that and more just because I’m here, just because I’m human.”
  • “I remember asking myself, if I’m not entrepreneur, COo, business owner, who am I? “
  • “I am the soul, having a human experience.”

From Communist Poland to Billion Dollar Business Owner: A Conversation with Marta Hobbs

Today I am speaking with my former client and now friend, Marta Hobbs. Buckle in for a a story which will have you hooked from start to finish!

She is the bestselling author of a book called Unravelling (much like yours truly – remember you can order MY brand new book, Infinite Receiving, here).

She’s also a soul led entrepreneur who works with top leaders and companies around the globe using her soul care method. And what she shares with us in this interview is really her journey from being an immigrant from Poland and her upbringing in the States and how that immigration journey really impacted the way that she showed up in the world and ultimately ran her former business with her husband to a billion dollar valuation.

What I love about this conversation is ultimately, this is her redemption story. And there are so many different threads and tools and ways of thinking and being that are so helpful for everybody and especially women who are feeling driven to work in a way that is never, over the long term, going to serve them, their family, their loved ones.

Get comfy!

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