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How going beyond the mind will affect your life experience…

How going beyond the mind will affect your life experience…


…and help you reach your limitless potential


Going beyond the mind. It’s a subject I riff on a lot, so if you’ve followed me on social for a while, or if you’re a regular listener of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, there’s no doubt you will have heard me talk about my experience of this at some point.


I’ve experimented with quantum manifestation, plant medicine, toad medicine, spiritual healers, and have learned how to co-create a limitless life with the universe.


It’s no coincidence that when I started diving deeper into all this stuff, my life and business sky-rocketed to success beyond my wildest dreams. Actually – scratch that… it wasn’t beyond my dreams, it was in accordance with them. 


Because in fact, the main learning that you take away when going beyond the mind is that everything you desire is absolutely possible. You are limitless, you are capable, you are enough. 


Even the highest vision you have for yourself is achievable. And not only that – it’s achievable with ease, grace, and flow. 


And operating from that place affects your life in so many positive ways.


It changes everything.


Here’s just some ways in which your life experience can be altered by going beyond the mind:


  • More curiosity


The learning doesn’t stop. Once you’re able to see life for what it really is – a game in which we are able to remember who we are, and why we’re here… you become a child of the Universe. And with that comes a childlike curiosity and enthusiasm. The more you learn, the more you put into practice, the more you search… It’s a truly beautiful cycle.


  • More love


There’s is so much more love. There is so much more understanding. There is so much more peacefulness. You will literally look at people differently: your partner, your parents, your children, strangers on the street… it’s in understanding how small you really are, that you actually realise how powerful you are, how much potential for good you have inside you. You’ll see everything and everyone is connected, and have so much more awareness and compassion.


  • More space


It goes without saying that once you tap into the superconscious, you are able to attract and create more abundance in your life… And an important factor here is understanding how to stop blocking yourself. I’m talking about the trauma and negative experiences we hold in our bodies, learning how to release it and free up space within your mind, body and soul. Practicing this has been a game changer for me, and is something I’m eternally grateful for.


If you enjoyed this post, you’ll definitely enjoy this episode of the The Limitless Life Experience Podcast. 


I’d love to hear if you’ve delved into any practices to help you go beyond the mind, or if you’re intrigued to explore this area more. It excites me so much when I hear from people on the cusp of discovering all this magic!


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Faith + Action = Miracles

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