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How shame can affect your business

This came to me recently when I had a conversation with a client who told me she wanted to put the brakes on her business as she felt things were going too fast and running away from her.


Now she’d had massive growth in the last year but was struggling to see her upper limit. 


(FYI this is really common when you are on a winning streak then all of a sudden you feel it’s too much too fast – we can work on that and we did with this client).


What was so interesting is that through her subconscious it came up that she was imagining scenarios where she was going to mess up and she would be so ashamed of not living up to other people’s expectations of her.


This got me thinking about all the decisions we make from that limited vantage point of not wanting to feel shame.


The reality is there is NO space for that kind of thinking when you are committed to helping other people and being a good human being.


Of course there are always opportunities for self development, but if you are making decisions so that you don’t feel shame when you don’t meet other people’s expectations of you OR your own expectations you have for yourself, you aren’t making your business fun and business can absolutely be fun.


In my book, you are allowed to enjoy yourself even when there’s shit going down and it’s tough on the outside.




Because you get to be a role model for what is possible (how incredible is that!?) and, collectively, we NEED pattern interrupt. There is so much fear and pain, yet if you are able to show up shamelessly about your wants and desires that attracts people to join you, you are able to create positive change in your clients and get rewarded for it in energy, money, time etc all whilst having fun at the same time. That is the ultimate goal.


Then from this point, you are in a beautiful position to create leverage in your business and life, and take that initial impact and put it into something even more powerful and transformational where you are able to stretch into it and can enjoy it too.


That leverage is currency for doing more good things.


In your behaviour, you are to enjoy the moment and celebrate success because what we focus on expands so the vibration and energy is brought into each success you have without guilt or shame.


So ask yourself this today, are you making decisions based out of shame or are you making decisions based out of the place that you desire to move into?


I find this very, very powerful and for me, it then allows more space to think what would the next practical step be?


Use this and it will serve you very highly.


I hope this has helped you.

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