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Being shameless about your wants, desires, hopes and wishes enables you to make a positive difference in the world of your clients, and then get compensated for doing what you love to do whether that’s time, energy or money.


But what happens if you imagine messing up and not living up to other people’s expectations, or your own expectations of yourself?


This is shame and believe me, it is not a fun place when you allow shame to make the decisions in your life and business.


This episode gives a good insight into how shame turns up in clients and what we did together to remove it.




  • [02:04] An example of shame in a client of mine
  • [03:46] Making decisions based out of shame
  • [04:44] How shame affects your business and your life
  • [06:48] The behaviour difference in a person with shame vs a person without




  • “When you allow shame to make the decisions in your life and business, that is not a fun place.”
  • “Create leverage in a world where there are lots of people swimming in lack.”
  • “Leverage is currency for doing more good things.”
  • “Remove the shame from the decisions that you make and really tune into what it is that you desire and what would you be choosing if you already knew the result that you wanted was already done and in the bag.”





You can read the transcript here.


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