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People don’t believe me when I say I truly get all the nerves when doing events and challenges, but I absolutely do as much as the first time to doing a 3-day event where people have paid to come and see me.


I understand the thoughts and feelings that come up when we’re about to do something for the first time so this episode is really to help you to know that it’s normal and it’s okay and it’s kind of the whole point of expanding as a person and in your business.


Take a listen and feel into it with me.




  • [01:23] The times that I get nervous
  • [02:16] What I’m thinking when I sit with discomfort
  • [03:26] What happens when we do something new and what we are programmed to do
  • [04:15] Stretching beyond your comfort zone
  • [05:30] What it’s really about




  • “If you desire accelerated growth then the feeling of the butterflies or the fear are rife and real and normal when you are about to take the leap.”
  • ”It’s okay for me to know that my path, my journey is about me diving deep into the pool of limitless potential.”
  • “I never jump into the deep end [of a pool] because I’m not a strong swimmer, but the way that I’m choosing to live my life is the equivalent of, even though I’m not a strong swimmer, trusting that I’m going to float, trusting that I’m going to be fully supported.”
  • “If you know that you’re not living into the potential that you desire, feeling uncomfortable is a normal feeling.”





You can read the transcript here.


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