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  • 09:13 when we think that we are going to feel safe and secure once we have the money, what we’re ultimately doing is giving our power away to money. We become at the mercy of money and we do things for money that sometimes cause us to forget the things that we really value in life.
  • 05:31 One of the things that I have noticed about my own experience of life right now is that everything feels really rich. And I see this is because I am actively and consciously working on all three dimensions of the wealth trifecta.
  • 08:06 Intrinsic wealth is about your sense of safety and your sense of security and your ability to live life with a regulated nervous system, because you know that you are okay.
  • “She had it all, but she wasn’t able to see it. And I love the fact that is my superpower.”
  • “When I talk about God or Divinity or Source, I am not talking about something external.”
  • “All of the time we’re looking outside of ourselves for something or someone else to provide us with a sense of security, we are in a trap.”

How to be Really Rich

Hello hello you gorgeous human being!

Right now my life feels really really rich. I’ve just hosted some amazing humans in my home and got to realise how much I LOVE working this way! (More on how you can do that coming up)

And the reason I have such a sense of richness is that I am consciously working on all three sides of the Wealth Trifecta.

Not sure what that is? Tune in and I’ll explain all AND let you know why it matters so much


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