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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 07:37 Soul is calling for a quantum change.Head is saying, we’re okay with one degree a day. Soul is saying, no, we are not. And I’m having that internal struggle.
  • 09:34 And even though this is nonsensical, even though this thing was working really, really well for me, I am going to stop doing what I have always done in order to create something new.
  • 10:06 And I want to also say that I’m not just talking about business. This can be in your intimate relationships. This can be in your friendships. This can be the relationship that you have with you. This is not just like a commercial question. This is about what is your soul asking of you.
  • “When everything is good, why do you want to rock the boat?”
  • “In order for you to make a quantum leap, you then have to be prepared to not go for the one degree a day.”
  • “And it is true that sometimes that thing that is going to create the quantum growth is not always obvious.”

Navigating change and the power of letting go

Why is it that most of us will wait until there is a wrecking ball in our life versus actively choosing to transition into something new?

I’ve been thinking on this a lot of late, and observing my community. Personally I’m having that internal struggle between quantum change and incremental change. And I know that if I am, there will be many of you who really resonate with that.

So.. get comfy and tune it.

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